Anyone who has been on any form of social media in the last 12 month would know what Buzzfeed is. If it’s taking a quiz about your favourite movie, to reading an oh-so-relatable article to laughing at a video- we have all seen it dominate social media. But what makes Buzzfeed one of the most successful businesses online and how did they manage to use social media so effectively. In true Buzzfeed fashion I wrote a list.

1) It’s simple.
You are most likely enjoying this post the most out of all of mine because it is laid out simply and you can scroll through it quickly and still absorb 99% of the information from my bold headings. Buzzfeed doesn’t bore you with paragraphs of information, they are aware society today has a diminishing focus and uses that to the best of their abilities

What others can learn:  Be simple, it’s that simple.

2) It’s clickbait

Click bait is basically content that’s main purpose is to attract people to the page. Once they are on your site they stay and explore, return and most importantly share. One who is only on Buzzfeed for one article is one with impeccable strength. They tailor their suggestions to your interest based on what you’ve read.

What others can learn:  Get people in with relatable things, which frankly are usually mindless crap and then once they are on your site make sure the quality is easily accessible. Bottom line, crap attracts crowds but quality keeps them there.

3) It’s fuelled by shares

Sharing is one of social medias strongest tools. It’s free advertising from the people that matter the most, your direct audience. Sharing is the new form of word of mouth and can sky rocket a company. 75% of of Buzzfeed’s audiences come from shares. Buzzfeed are making millions from you looking at an article and saying, “This is SO Jessica, I MUST tweet her!!”

What others can learn: Make your content attractive to share. If someone feels proud or connected of your work, you have won yourself free advertising

4) It work with other companies

Buzzfeed teams up with other companies and releases sponsored posts. These are articles, videos or quizzes that can seamlessly fit in with the nature of Buzzfeed, but are produced by a company that tag on an advertisement. It is intelligent because it doesn’t ruin the atmosphere of Buzzfeed but still makes consumers think about the company. Some killer examples of advertising hidden in Buzzfeed is Cornetto’s list about falling for your best friend and the new horror movie, The Gift quiz about your prior high school persona, but the one that takes the cake is one about Puppy Chow. The adorable video called Puppyhood was advertised as a grown man finding his soul mate in a puppy, which currently has over 5.5M youtube views.

What others can learn: Stop reading this and hurry up and join Buzzfeed asap!


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